Thursday, March 30, 2006

More links from others! Well, one other, at any rate. The Graveworm sends in a cool story about a Dutchman building a modern ark , along with a terrifying story about...well, here's the Graveworm's summary.
Did you see the "Abolition of Parliament Bill" floated by Tony Blair in February?? Are they testing it out to see how it flies in another country before they do it here?

It's in the name of "efficiency," but in a nutshell, the ministers can change or CREATE any law they please WITHOUT having to go to parliament!!! W ... T ... F ... ???

So yes. That's a nice, reassuring thought. While we're on the subject, there's a brilliant (and gigantic) visualization showing where our taxes go. Unsurprisingly, most of it seems to go toward making things to kill people.

On to more cheerful, library-related happenings: the Flickr librarians are at it again! This time you're encouraged to make your own READ poster and add it to the pool. The Secret Library Workers Union has an especially great one.

A gorgeous tunnel of books makes up part of an exhibit (now closed, I think) at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Awesome photos.

Via LII: the Mid-Continent Public Library has put together a great database of juvenile book series. I found out that E.W. Hildick wrote over 20 McGurk mysteries, and I think I've only read ten. A quest! Huzzah! All the old favorite series are there, plus many more obscure ones.

Tomorrow we're off to Cinema Wasteland to mingle with the freaky people and show off the latest MCT productions. If you're in the Cleveland area this weekend, stop by and say hello! We're be back on Monday, or maybe Tuesday, depending on how wild of a time we have. See you then!

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, if that Abolition of Parliament bill goes through, there might be hope in -- ironically -- the Queen, as one person commented:

"I would hope our Monarch can be relied upon to exercise her right under Royal Prerogative, thus promptly dissolving Parliament and appointing her own prime minister."

Of course, what if that's what they want? Oh, the humanity!