Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today: weird stuff from around (and beyond) the world.

In Georgia, there's a time capsule from 1940...that isn't to be opened until the year 8113. I wonder if there'll even be a Georgia at that time. (Found on the always fascinating Damn Interesting, which needs to go on the sidebar link list over there; the list is out of date, I know.)

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a fire has been burning underground for over fifty years, destroying the town above. I'm thinking the spooky librarians may go on a road trip soon to check this out.

In Africa, a new ocean is forming. Wow.

This just in: the moon affects radon levels in homes, apparently. I think that perhaps we don't give the moon enough credit.

Some ad campaigns are more fun than others. Take the "it's no fun being dead" concept, for example. You can click all over the website for various fun things. I especially like the bits of dead people trying to play frisbee and whatnot.

Goths may object to the "no fun being dead" idea, but it's okay: the goths are going to inherit the earth after all! Woohoo! Crank up the Sisters of Mercy, fellow gothy types!

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