Friday, March 17, 2006

It's Links from Others Day! Thanks, everyone!

From Holly: Aphorisms Galore!

From Bunny, the sounds of Generation X's youth: arcade video games, captured on a tape recorder and digitized for your enjoyment. The kids yelling in excitement throughout is a nice touch.

From the Sparkle Queen: absinthe! The New Yorker's article is not officially online yet, but Oxygenee has a scanned PDF.

From the Graveworm: a gnostic weblog. Yes!

From Tracy, our chemist operative out in the field: PartStore, a great source for replacing some things and creating others; freakily amazingly fantastic 3-D sidewalk drawings; and the "actor's journey" site of Michael Bailey Smith, also known as Belthazor on Charmed. (Tracy told me that. My Charmed knowledge is awfully limited).

Thanks again, everyone, and happy St. Patrick's Day! Have a spiffy weekend. See you Monday.

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