Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy spring to everyone, from a city that's supposed to get four inches of snow tonight. Woohoo. On to visual arts!

Penmanship: I am so going to enter the World Handwriting Contest. Seriously, I am. Wish me luck.

Architecture: A new set of apartments in Tokyo are built with the idea that people should be uncomfortable, so they don't settle into a rut. Photos of the modular-looking buildings are on the main site of "Reversible Destiny." Interesting concept...

Photography: If you join the Pirate Rubber Duckie pool on Flickr, the Pirate Rubber Duckie will visit you eventually! Then you must photograph the adventures you have with him, and send him on his way. Duckies get all the fun.

Costume design: The Baseball Hall of Fame has an exhibit on baseball uniforms called "Dressed to the Nines." Hee.

Just plain cool art: Behold the amazing lenticular stamps, which put the holographic pictures of old to shame! The speed skater ones are especially cool.


Anonymous said...

I could never enter the world handwriting contest! I don't think I could even enter a chicken scratch contest! Good Luck! XXXOOO Satori

Anonymous said...

OH! Speaking of lenticular stamps, I just found a lost box of stamps while unpacking/decorating and found one from Mongolia from the 80s. I'll have to show it to you next time you are over :)