Thursday, March 16, 2006

Okay, yesterday got away from me, but now we're back!

For book lovers: Neglected Books helps you find the best overlooked or underrated books in several categories. This is a very cool idea. Also, check out Pierre Ouvard's bookbinding art, which takes book coverings to an entirely new (often three-dimensional) level.

For the sports people: in honor of the NCAA tournament which begins today, the College Basketball Archive provides any article you'd ever want. Well, probably, anyway.

For the Irish: fun St. Patrick's Day facts! Massachusetts has the highest population with Irish ancestry. My mother's family is from Massachusetts, and yes, it's very Irish.

For the medical researchers: browse through this list of presidential diseases, and be amazed at the various ailments. Lincoln was cross-eyed? Jefferson had Asperger Syndrome? Really? Also, Princeton sponsors a site where you can search for emergency contraception providers by zip code or city. (There are no providers in my zip code. Yikes.)

For the Appalachians, or those interested in Appalachian culture: the Appalachian Regional Commission has an online resource center that's full of great information.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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