Tuesday, March 07, 2006



After seeing this, I'm just going to go around yelling "SPLINK!" at random. Consider yourselves warned. Bunny also reports that SPLINK was mentioned in an episode of The Young Ones, which made no sense to us Americans until now. The SPLINK bit, I mean, not the whole show. Although there were probably Americans who were completely confused by everything in the show.

Danny points out that Margaret Atwood's Unotchit, which I mentioned a while ago, is now the subject of an article by Wired. It's called the Longpen now. Or maybe it's the Unotchit Longpen. Anyway.

The concept behind PodBot is a cool one: put in your city and find out what concerts are taking place around you, and subscribe to the feed so you're always in the know. The execution, however, still needs a little work. According to PodBot's map, Cincinnati is up on Lake Erie where Cleveland used to be. I don't know where Cleveland went. Maybe Pittsburgh. At any rate, I got a whole slew of Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati concert listings, so while the geography is suspect, the engine itself is good.

Batgirl has a wonderful tribute to Kirby Puckett. It's a sad day for baseball fans.

If you like penguins, you will love the penguin webcam. A lone penguin wandered past while I was watching, but you never know what will happen!

And if you like pinball and/or Legos, here's something wonderful: a Lego pinball machine. Wow.


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