Monday, March 13, 2006

Today is pretty sad and dreary all round, so let's try to perk it up a bit.

First off: Pac-Man is alive and well and living in a field somewhere. Isn't that good to know?

In the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, the DDD Project (Detroit, Demolition, Disneyland) is painting abandoned buildings a bright fluorescent orange. Not only does it get people's attention, it also looks kind of cool.

George Clooney tells liberals to stand up and be proud. It's always a relief to see that there are still liberals around there here parts. (My notes for this link just say "yay George.")

Nick Cave is getting recognition for his new movie and all-around Renaissance-man oeuvre, while Thomas Kinkade is getting sued and allegedly acting like a bitter, drunken lout. Ah, sometimes there's justice in the art world!

Meet Cleaver Theatre has joined the world of Flickr. Check out the photos we have up so far, and tune back in after we get back from Cinema Wasteland in a few weeks.

And if none of that has cheered you up and you're feeling as if the world is a hellish dark place of Boschian proportions...well then, make your own Bosch painting. (The site is in Dutch, but is easy to figure out; drag & drop various tortured characters onto a canvas. Fun for all!)


bjkeefe said...

I read Clooney's piece with pleasure. Everyone should read it.

It's amazing how much I like this guy. I used to think he was just a himbo. But he's smart and his political stances are spot-on. Plus, he writes well.

BTW, the link in the original post didn't work for me. I found Clooney's article here, on the site.

bjkeefe said...

I hate Mondays.

It looks like the reason that Clooney's post is no longer on, as noted in my last comment, is that Clooney, in fact, did not write the post.

Evidently, someone else put together the piece from a bunch of Clooney quotes from interviews.

The NY Times had this story about the mess.

Still, the "Clooney" piece, as I guess we should call it, is worth a read, so see the commondreams link.

And I still like George Clooney.

Jinnet said...

Yeah, I just read about that myself. Arianna wrote an update about the kerfuffle. Why do the Democrats consistently shoot themselves in the collective foot like this?

But I still like Clooney, too. And not just because he grew up here and I saw his dad at Wendy's the other day.