Monday, March 27, 2006

The countdown to Cinema Wasteland has begun, and we're scrambling a bit...

Bjork and Matthew Barney are working on a film, and the trailer's now available for viewing. You know that it's going to be anything but normal.

Speaking of film, Matt Jones put up some storyboards and sketches from his work on The Corpse Bride.

Is Courtney Love another victim of the "first-born daughter" curse that runs in her family? Or is it just bad luck? (And will Frances Bean break the cycle? Let's hope so.)

Old wax seals make great jewelry inspiration, as it turns out.

And finally, I've been engrossed in Flickeur during my moments of down time. It takes random images from Flickr and zooms, pans, and intercuts haphazardly, but it's oddly soothing.

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