Thursday, March 09, 2006

So, with the extension of the Patriot Act, your library records are fair game for god knows how long. This just tempts me to check out the most subversive, bizarre combination of books possible to see if anything would happen. If I disappear one day, you'll know why!

Beat writer aficianados, take note: the New York Public Library has just acquired an archive of William S. Burroughs material, much of which has never been seen before by the public.

NPR now has a weblog of its own, titled Mixed Signals. Hooray!

An ambitious (and sort of halfway done) project, Vanished Libraries tracks what happened to libraries all over the world throughout history. Whether fires or politics did in the library, it's recorded here. This looks like it could be amazingly cool once the details are there!

Yahoo! has all sorts of neat little tricks behind the scenes, like their open shortcuts which let you abbreviate URLs or searches down to a few letters or words.

Everyone always needs more light when they read, but a lot of us hate fluorescent lights. For ambient lighting, Light Reading looks like an ordinary book during the day, but functions as a light when needed. How cool is this? You could make some really awesome light designs in a bookshelf!

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bjkeefe said...

I agree about the "dangerous" books idea. We should all start checking out copies of the Koran and H-Bombs for Dummies.

If enough of us do it, we can crash the Total Information Awareness database, and then sit back and enjoy the ranting from the wingnuts about how we hate America and want the terrorists to win.