Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Okay, who doesn't want a hidden passageway in their home? I don't know where we could install one, or where it could go, but I think it would be awesome!

The ravens at the Tower of London have been moved inside due to fears of bird flu. Did you know the ravens all have names? And that one of them can TALK?

(Incidentally, how cool would it be to have a talking raven inside a hidden passageway?)

Meanwhile, the death of an archbishop means that there's even less chance of finding out what really happened to a Vatican banker 25 years ago. Catholic Masons and the Cosa Nostra are mentioned in speculation, however. Yikes!

I really thought this article about black goo oozing everywhere in L.A. was a parody of The Blob. Apparently it's not. Er, shouldn't someone be concerned about this? This didn't really go so well in The X-Files...

And lastly, for something more pretty than spooky: night maps of the world. I think I've found my new desktop image.

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