Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today, we have AWESOME links. Improve your icky, icy day!

First off:

Behold, the Monster Name Decoder. You can even pick your own monster. (Mine is a banshee. I like banshees.)

A brilliant idea for reality shows: pre-pixelated clothing designs! Ha!

Fantastic frog links: if you have not seen the Muppet Matrix yet, oh my god, you should. I especially like Rowlf as Morpheus. If you like your frogs smaller and more robotic, check out the excellent adventure of Roomba Frogger. You know MIT is going to have some bizarre prank soon involving something like this.

Along the same real-life game thread as Frogger with Roombas, Scotland Yard (aka Mind the Detective) combines the Scotland Yard board game with the Toronto Transit System to create wonderful chaos. Next game is in July, evidently.

And finally, from the always-cool Baby Name Wizard, check out the map of popular names in your region. I thought the Ohio names were a little off, but then I looked at Kentucky and they were pretty much spot-on. I guess southern Ohio gets influenced by Kentucky more often than the reverse, at least in naming conventions.

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