Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hi there. Folderol won't be updated on Friday, due to Cinema Wasteland shenanigans, so we're incorporating links from others throughout the week. And Danny sent in a great one: The A-Team intro, as portrayed by Dr. Who. Awesome!

Next week, Coca-Cola Blak makes its super-caffeinated debut here in the States. Are you ready?

A few weeks ago, Zazoo sent in the news about a newly discovered "furry" white lobster, now known as the Kiwa Hirsuta. He also said he wanted one. Well, now he can at least have a nice plush version.

If you like your plush fun to have more of a technological bent, you could check out the emoticon pillows. I'm thinking you could leave them around in order to let others know your current mood.

For the arty hippie type who hates capitalism but sort of likes Monopoly, Garden-opoly is the perfect game. Buy greenhouses instead of hotels! My Montessori school would have been all over this game if it had been out when I was young.

Another cool, artsy educational construction is the periodic table table. I think it'd be great to have one of these. I wonder if you can get additional parts when new elements are discovered.

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Anonymous said...

I SO want a Periodic Table Table!!! Maybe I have found a new hobby, element collecting. Cewl.

Another great thing about this site is that there is a list of books to read about the elements. Even better is that he lists Primo Levi's The Periodic Table. This book is a MUST read!