Monday, March 06, 2006

The consensus online seems to be that the Oscars were pretty dull this year (except for the surprise Crash win). Any agreement/disagreement? I didn't watch them (I haven't even seen any of the nominated movies), so I'm curious.

  • If you lived in Athens, Ohio during the '90s, you probably saw Tony Xenos perform at some point, whether it was with Cactus Pears, Rubberband Racecar Go, or on his own. Now he has his own website! I am stupidly excited to find out that I can get "Snowmen and Knit Hats" in mp3 form.
  • The Washington Post has just discovered the art of the mix tape. Golly! (Well, okay, the article is actually about digital "imixes" and how people are tagging songs in order to create specialized playlists. But still.)



Random fun:

  • Make a scarf out of sweater arms. I want to see one made of 1980s sweaters, like Bill Cosby's. It would look like a color blindness test, or one of those "spot the hidden image" 3-D posters!

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