Thursday, March 23, 2006

Librarian Alert! According to a rumor, Jeopardy! is looking for librarians to be contestants. The application page doesn't mention anything on this matter, but perhaps librarians have an inside edge on the competition. So go apply and do us proud! (Being front and center on a game show, with no puppets or costumes to hide behind, would be my own personal hell. So I will only encourage from the sidelines.)

As part of Women's History Month, I bring you the American Women Through Time site, which is very detailed and quite cool.

Copyright issues are dull. How to make them more exciting? Put them in comic form! Hey, it works for me, at any rate. They should do a crossover with Rex Libris sometime.

Visually-based search engines are the new rage, a la Grokker. The Visual Complexity site shows a myriad of different ways to display complex sets. Think of it as something akin to the internet of Cowboy Bebop, if that helps any.

The National Archives has a repository of CIA films, some of which are stranger than others. (Animal Farm?) I am sort of intrigued by the possibilities of what could be going on in 1967's Pilots in Pajamas.

The law librarians at the University of Dayton have a very cool weblog with a very cool name: Vox Bibliothecae. Hooray for weblogging law librarians!

Tomorrow: links from others.


Anonymous said...

You should definitely give it a shot. I think you have a moral obligation to teach those droids a lesson! Your brain is a powerhouse!!!

You have my full support if you wanna go for it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I will even yell the answers to you through the tellie!!
(Don't forget that Carey Grant is buried in Grant's Tomb!tehehe)

Jinnet said...

People. I am NOT trying out for Jeopardy. Go and encourage other library folk to audition!