Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's art related links separate into two categories: high-minded, beautiful art versus irreverent fun.

First, the culture. The Louvre has an amazing exhibit on Arabian sculpture going on right now; the museum's site itself doesn't have much, sadly, but the NYT article has more details.

What's it like to be a copy editor at The New Yorker? A great interview with Mary Norris shows some of the inner workings.

An order of cloistered nuns near Avignon are going to record an album of chants. (Best comment on the article: "That's so 7th century.")

And now, the goofy and the fun side. You can download and display disaster dioramas! An exhibit in LA asked artists to use a one-line synopsis of a Law & Order episode as inspiration!  And finally, an upcoming biopic of Serge Gainsbourg leads to an article about the man and the image he created.

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Anonymous said...

High-brow, low-brow, or no-brow, art is art!