Thursday, July 08, 2010

Let's start with all the depressing library stuff first, so we can end with the more cheerful links.

A Nation Without School Librarians and Losing Libraries are both websites using Google Maps to depict the problems libraries are facing in the United States. (Both sites were found via rosefirerising, who always posts really interesting material.) Good for presentations, editorials, and debates.

A librarian at New Mexico State University is documenting the homicides in Ciudad Juárez, and the statistics are just staggering.

What lies under the New York Harbor? All kinds of things, as it turns out! (Related: Underwater New York is an art project currently going on in Brooklyn; I saw it when I was there and highly recommend it.)

Collecta is a new (to me) site for tracking real-time news in various social networking circles; you can customize the search to include or exclude specific applications. Neat!

And finally, something nice for librarians, since we tend to like lists: The Librarian's Book of Lists is coming out, and there's a top ten list of the more interesting features!

Tomorrow: links from others!

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