Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone! We have lots of links sent in by readers today. Many thanks to all!

From Julie:  Napoleon's hair is auctioned off for thousands of dollars. Hang on to your hair, kids!

From Josie: John Galliano's new fashion collection is just as strange - and as awesome - as ever.

From Satori: Sylvia Ji has an exhibit going on right now, and if you can't see it in person you can at least see her lovely work online.

From Zazoo: the BP board game from the 1970s is eerily prescient. Creepy.

Related, from Bunny: a warning to cleanup workers in the Gulf right now, with scary statistics about the crew from the Exxon Valdez disaster. (That being said, the article has comments by people saying, "Hey, I was there, and I'm not dead yet," so perhaps more investigation is needed.)

Also from Bunny: "The ten most terrifyingly inspirational '80s songs." Includes a truly scary photo of Steve Perry.

From Cassandra: The Smoking Gun Research Agency is open for paranormal-related business in Connecticut! Also from Cassandra: relationship advice for empaths, custom cremation urns (with a photo that scares me), and fish-design coffins (which do not scare me).

From the Sparkle Queen: an update on the Clock Without a Face project. One number was found in Ohio!

Going back to the disaster in the Gulf Coast, there's an auction going on right now by Web-Comics to help, with all proceeds going to the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund. I like Kate Beacon's Aquaman drawing in particular.

And now, the final World Cup related links for 2010! (A photo, however, may go up tonight or tomorrow; Bunny surprised me with something fun that needs to be shared with the viewing audience.) Even NASA says the Jabulani ball used for the tournament has problems. A python that was being used to "influence" the outcomes of games has been seized, but Paul the octopus and Mani the parakeet are still free and predicting winners. However, Paul and Mani have picked different victors for the final game. Ooo, the suspense!

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone! See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

RE: Coffins or Urns

Why can't we just be dragged into the forest to decompose, letting the worms churn us to muck. Or be pushed out to sea in a burning canoe? They act like it is a public health hazard to do that, and maybe oftentimes it is. It would be nice to have that choice though, as the chemicals used to embalm us seem exceedingly damaging to the environment.

Re: Empaths

I don't know what I think of that label, empath. But, I do often wonder why it is easier for some to understand and respect the need others have for alone time. I understand another's need for constant people time, so why can't they understand my need for alone time? It never seems to go both ways. And, the worst is when I think I'm being very kind by giving a person his or her space, and they think I'm being punishingly withdrawn, or that I'm stewing. No, it's called BEING THOUGHTFULLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! A CONCEPT YOU CANNOT IMAGINE!!!!!!!(hahahahaha) But, it is very strange. Very strange, indeed. Interesting to think about though.