Tuesday, July 06, 2010

And we're back! Photos of nature and family have been uploaded, and now it's back to the daily updates. Today: steampunky stuff!

First there were steampunked Star Wars costumes; now there are steampunked Star Wars portraits! Greg Peltz is doing beautiful work. I especially like Chewbacca's monocle.

The people at More Intelligent Life have discovered steampunk!

A new LiveJournal community, budget_steam, has been created to help creators who don't have gobs of filthy lucre lying about. There are pointers and discussions and pictures, plus more!

The Steampunk Tribune mentioned Scott Bradlee some time ago, but I have only just now seen and heard his work. Go and be entertained!

The New York Public Library has a wonderful gallery of ornamentation and pattern designs from the "pre-Victorian" era through the days of Art Deco. It's a fantastic place to go for inspiration.


Anonymous said...

You steampunk and steampunkellas bemuse me! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

You steampunkellas and steampunks bemuse me.

Welcome back!