Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thanks to Bunny for sending me the latest news about copyright protection (or lack thereof). The part about professors using excerpts is especially interesting, as Inside Higher Ed discusses.

Attention, librarians: the Library of America now has its own weblog with all sorts of interesting posts, including 1928 video footage shot by Zora Neale Huston.  Also, the Zimmerman's research guide (long a trusted resource for legal librarians) now has its own weblog as well!

For word lovers: the early 1960s language of "Mad Men" is a work in and of itself. (I was surprised to find that "being on the same page" wasn't a commonly used term until the 1970s.)

For Margaret Atwood fans (hi Mom!): An interview discusses her views on dystopian futures.

For history buffs: the Leaning Tower of Pisa has finally been fixed in place, more or less, by way of a huge (and fascinating) endeavor.  In more recent history, the Smithsonian's exhibit on the works of female artists of the Hudson River School shows some fantastic art that's been overlooked throughout the years.

And finally, in slightly weird news: the Pope has written a children's book. (Regardless of your thoughts on this news, it's worth clicking the link to see the Pope in a baseball hat. Er?)

Tomorrow: Friday! And links from others.

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Anonymous said...

RE: The Pope

My brain rebelled. It went on strike. That picture is too much. It's a joke, right? Someone photoshopped in the baseball hat. Seriously, my brain refused to process what my eyes saw. It does not like that picture and wil not accept that it is real. That is such a strange sensation! That picture is creepily unnatural, not interestingly unnatural.