Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How is it that I never heard of Jára Cimrman until this week? He seems like a classic steampunk protagonist!

Other findings that have fallen through the cracks and only recently been rediscovered include this rather cryptic-sounding steampunk exhibition at the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne's Discovery Museum and the online game Echo Bazaar, which uses Twitter as a registration and then leads you through a sort of "choose your own adventure" experience through the "Fallen London" of 1889. More details are available; I haven't begun my own game yet, but will soon!

The Imperial Anti-Piracy Squadron does just what its name says. Airship pirates, beware. (Not sure what Abney Park thinks of this gang yet.)

We end today's offerings with the Victorian Gadgets of Maurice Collins and a lovely (unrelated) weblog named Trial by Steam. Enjoy!

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