Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There is a segment of the steampunk community which gets very concerned about definitions and descriptions and semantics. (You could probably apply that statement to nearly every interest group.) I saw "decopunk" mentioned somewhere and found that it has its own beginning of a Wikipedia entry, but then spun off from there into lovely crazy stuff like Raygun Gothic and Streamline Moderne. I considered rebranding myself as a DecoGothicModerneNanoPunk Librarian, but decided that would take too long to say and type.

At any rate, the whole idea started with the genius of Victorian Science Fiction, and fortunately some have kept true to the origins. The latest example is the Aethergraph, now available for perusal!

In the present evolution of whateverpunk, we have the winners of the DVICE "steampunk cylon" contest, and an announcement from Weta of new customized rayguns to be seen at Comic-Con.

Google tells me I have not mentioned Archive Designs before, but that seems impossible. If it's a repeat link, though, it's definitely worth it. Imagine a place with this sort of design, plus some Kilhouettes on the wall, and zing! Perfect, whatever else you call it.

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