Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone! On to the links from others!

As seen on Brendan's site: Asia Society's Rivers of Ice compares the glaciers of the Himalayas today to those of Sir Edmund Hillary's day, and the difference is startling. The glaciers are melting, whether or not anyone wants to admit it.

From Josie: Karen Elson performs "The Ghost Who Walks" and it's quite lovely.

From Cassandra, part 1: An essay on modernity, love, irony, disenchantment, and more! Also, another in-depth article on the cartels of Mexico.

From Holly: A lizard is having a really rotten week, thanks to an elephant. (Entertaining for the humans, though! And probably the elephant, too.)

From Cassandra, part 2: The most iconic swimsuits (of recent times)! The best five mind-trippy movies (also of recent times)!  And, finally, another study of the Mona Lisa concentrates on da Vinci's artistic technique.

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone. See you Monday!


Anonymous said...


“for only beautiful stories—not truth—can console us”
Beautiful stories based on the truth can’t console us? The truth, even when stricken with the black rot of gangrene, seems more beautiful than enchantment, simply becuase it is true.

I agree with Weber, we should not take sides, at least when defining love. It is, as they say, a many splendored thing. I like to deconstruct everything, except love. I LOVE LOVE!!!!!! LOVE, I LOVE YOU, LOVE! Just enjoy it, that's my motto. I kind of feel sorry for those unable to get swept away into the dustpan of love.(haha) Maybe it is easier to love love when one is not driven to posess the love object. Loving from afar easily fills the void.

And finally, why is it that if one invokes reason, the truth, she loses wonder?

Anonymous said...

There is a glaring ommission on
the bikini list. The following shall make it complete. ; )