Monday, July 12, 2010

Apparently Paul the octopus is psychic, and no amount of vuvuzela noise can affect that!

While we're on the subject of animals, it's interesting to find out that squirrel vision includes natural sun glare protection. (I will have to speak to the squirrels in our yard; apparently they're supposed to have very good vision overall. Ours practically need a guide dog to help them find peanuts.)

The British Film Institute celebrates July by dedicating the month to cinematic visions of the future. It looks incredible. The lineup, that is, not necessarily the future depicted.

Meanwhile, the Pet Shop Boys are working on a score for the Royal Ballet. Neil Tennant has come a long way from the days of writing for Smash Hits.

Moscow has a new subway station named after Dostoevsky, and many say it's completely depressing. After seeing some photos, I don't think it's depressing so much as monochromatic. (And, as many people have pointed out, what do you expect from a Dostoevskaya station? Rainbows and flowers?)

And finally, if you have ever wished you had a baseball shirt of your favorite authors, your wish has been granted. Poe, Vonnegut, Thoreau, and even characters like Don Quixote and Hester Prynne have their own jerseys now!

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