Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday, everyone. Let's start with the wonderful nerd protest at Comic-Con this week. I like to believe that love and humor always win out over hate.

From Cassandra: Who do you write like? I put in some various writing of mine and the consensus was that I write like Cory Doctorow. Ha! Where's my cape? I already have the goggles.

From my mom: Mountain Man, a band of three women. Yes, you read that right. They're good!

From Julie: A second henge at Stonehenge! Those crazy druids! Also from Julie: rediscovered Kafka papers and the One-on-One Theatre.

From Danny: "Just got this from another librarian, the URL [for Bookshelf Porn] doesn't look it but it's completely SFW - unless spending too much time on a website is bad for work..."

From Cassandra, part 2: the value of scavengers.

And lastly, from Zazoo, a video of a song we thought was very hardcore and super-cool back in the late '80s. Now that we see this performance, we realize we were completely wrong. (Still like the song, though!)

Have a spiffy weekend, everyone, and try to stay out of the heat. See you on Monday.


SuperSlow Man the Next Generation said...

I am SO proud to be a big, old gerd right now!
The Pain! The Pain!
Optimus Prime (the real G1 version not the nasty Bayversion) hates Fred Phelps!
BTW, Hi, Dancin' Machine!

Anonymous said...

RE: Scavengers

I wonder why "thinkers" often claim that "we" (whoever "we" are) admire those in positions of power, predators. I don't know anyone who does. Most people I know understand that those who make it to the top(of the foodchain) arrived there by feasting on the good natures of others. It seems like "we" are much more attracted to those who do not lead or follow. Those who choose not to scavange or hunt seem the most appealing. Can I get a witness? No. Not today. (teehee)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those who garden! I am hot for those who garden! That's not scavenging! Those who eke out their own way make me wet! (hahahahahahhahahahhahaha)