Thursday, July 22, 2010

How is the summer reading going? New York City's libraries have a program with recommendations for several age groups. It's been too hot here to do much except read; look for some reviews and fun announcements (and possibly even some giveaway contests?) in the near future!

If you're done with all the popular reading and looking for something more obscure, I direct you to Neglected Books and, in particular, their list of "good books almost no one has read."

Most people couldn't read the OSS Sabotage Manual of 1943 because it wasn't exactly out in mass paperback. But thanks to the internet, we can all now see it in PDF!

We also couldn't see what art was being sold off during the Third Reich era in Germany, but the Getty Research Center has just received a grant to start digitizing old auction catalogs. This could turn out to be very informative.

And while we're talking about secretive stuff, have you been reading the Washington Post's series about the U.S. intelligence industry? It's fascinating. And hey, there's even a shoutout to the researchers behind the project.

Tomorrow: Friday! And that means links from others!

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