Wednesday, July 07, 2010

(Apologies for the wacky blank posts which are appearing occasionally; there's a browser war going on that's causing weirdness. Hopefully it's temporary.)

It is a zillion degrees pretty much everywhere right now, including here. But festivals go on regardless! The Vermonters will have their hot air balloon festival and the bog snorkelling triathlon will go on in Great Britain, as will the annual 3 Foot People Festival. (I thought at first this was for "little people," but it turns out to be for kids 5 years and younger.) In Australia, where it should not be as hot right now (theoretically, anyway), it's time for the Camel Cup! (Fun fact: Australia has a wild camel population. That must be interesting.)

If you'd rather hide in the air conditioning, Fortean Times has some great feature articles, including one on The Southwark Mysteries. I love the idea mentioned at the end of the article.

Stay cool, everyone. (I get to go swimming tonight and am giddy about it.)

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