Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Now THIS is cool. As a way to raise funds for CanTeen, a New Zealand organization working with teenagers who have cancer, the Muppets have redone their "Mah Na Mah Na" song for a 60-second commercial. (The new title: "Bandanana," for the bandannas they're selling.) Rowlf and the Swedish Chef and Kermit and the Electric Mayhem Band all make appearances in the ad, which you can watch online. Bandanana!

Also cool: little knitted robots, conquering the world one stitch (purl?) at a time. Soon they will set out to battle the frightening knitted zombies. Yarrrrrrrrn! Yarrrrrrrrrn!

October is National Cider and Perry Month. Drink up! I had no idea what perry was, being an American and all. Perry, it turns out, is made from pears. Ooooh. I so want to try this now.

In a faint nod to the overcommercialization of the holiday season, I am putting up a link to a Christmas tree. But this is not just any Christmas tree. This is a Very Electronic Christmas Tree which teaches you how to solder! (It's also from American Scientific & Surplus Store, which gives it added cool points.)

Bunny sent in a link to the new DigiMemo pad software, which lets you use ordinary pens and paper to put handwritten notes online. This looks pretty cool.

And lastly, in scary pop culture news: Marilyn Manson is creating a perfume and cosmetic line. Smells Like Heresy? Dope Show Scent? Sweet Dreams (of Ritualistic Killing and Other Pretensions?) Who knows?

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