Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The annual Ig Nobel Prizes have been handed out! I think my favorite was the one involving locusts watching Star Wars. It's true!

Today's argument between the Graveworm and myself (we have one every other day or so) concerns the Three Investigators, which (whom?) we both love, and the news of upcoming movies and TV shows featuring the Investigators, which fills me with fear. The Graveworm is trying to tell me that it may not be so bad, Harry Potter films well, blah blah blah, but I remain unconvinced. (Incidentally, Tunnel Two is a neat Investigators site, although it hasn't been updated for some time.)

Muslim girls have fallen in love with Fulla, an Islamic answer to Barbie. I think Fulla looks pretty cool, myself. Apparently she comes with a prayer mat as an accessory!

Meanwhile, Playmobil is currently featuring a rather inexplicable security checkpoint set, complete with security staff and traveler/potential suspect. The comments on the toy are pretty funny.

Project Puppet! For all your puppet project needs! This is awesome. I may make use of this for Meet Cleaver Theatre.

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