Tuesday, October 04, 2005

[Updated to fix some links which Blogger impolitely broke during publication yesterday. Thanks to Mr. Graveworm for pointing this out!]

The local Kroger already has Christmas items at the front of the store. This is getting out of hand. Toys R Us has gotten in on the action as well by releasing a list of their top ten picks for the season's best toys. I've only heard of a few of them, but am eager to see what the Lego Viking ship looks like.

Also, CNet lists the ten worst products of the last decade. The best part is that this list actually has one item in common with the Toys R Us list, which is rather bizarre. Hee.

Retro moment: remember the original Scooby-Doo cartoon which had those groovy songs during the chase scenes? Now they're all together on a CD! I always wondered who Hanna-Barbera had locked up in a studio somewhere to sing all those '60s-esque pop ditties.

Retro moment 2: if you liked those strange little kids' books which featured Mr. Cranky and Little Miss Chatterbox and the like, you will love the official site where you can create a "Mr. Man" or "Little Miss" of your very own. (Warning: the site has sound; a British male voice walks you through the creation process. Maybe you can pretend you're listening to the BBC.)

For the role-playing geeks: Katrina, The Gathering. Heh.

For the arty geeks: The GrooveTube turns your TV into a sort of abstract Lite-Brite. Why you would want to do this is a little beyond me, but hey, it looks cool.

For Bunny: Words created by the Simpsons. You mean cromulent isn't a real word? D'oh!

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