Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wow, the Halloween season is chock-full of great stuff this year. Chicago is putting on the Music Box Massacre this weekend, and AMC begins Monsterfest the weekend after that. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has an exhibit titled Photography and the Occult that looks fantastic as well.

Meanwhile, for those of us stuck at our desks, there's all sorts of good stuff to read and experience on the interweb. Dark, But Shining continues its countdown of monsters (and even Animal from the Muppets gets a mention!); Tales to Astonish reviews several horror movies (and, in the process, points to one of the best t-shirts ever); and for the gameplayers, Lovecraft Country and Vampires! is there to enthrall. This is the best time of year, no question.

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Anonymous said...

Where's The Omen?!?! Why isn't AMC playing The Omen? They ALWAYS play it. At least Candyman didn't make the list. SHIVER. SHUDDER. That movie freaked me out too much, more so than any of the Hellraisers.