Thursday, October 20, 2005

Next week, the Spooky Librarians will be living up to their name by being at the Internet Librarian conference in Monterey (we're staying at the Portola Plaza Hotel, come by and say hi!) and also running around with Remo D. and the other crazed denizens of the Manor of Mayhem. We'll take lots of pictures and share them when we get back!

Meanwhile, it's time to safety-proof your Halloween costume. (I love the illustrations here, but I really think they should have done a "Goofus & Gallant" style comparison of safe and unsafe costumes.)

I hadn't heard of blog carnivals until now. Have I been under a rock or something?

I know that articles on libraries and librarians can get awfully repetitive (exhibit A: the saga between Google Print and libraries and authors), but this article celebrating libraries has the great descriptive phrase "book worms and journal raccoons" which I'd never heard before. I like the journal raccoon label and want to adopt it for my own!

Fortunately, Kurt Vonnegut has our back. (Thanks to the Graveworm for sending this in.)

The Flickr group of Libraries & Librarians (which I'm a part of, marginally - I have to take more photos!) meets Google Maps. We are legion. Muhahaha.

Finally, the always-cool Library of Congress has a new online exhibit of women's suffrage scrapbooks. Very cool.

Tomorrow: links from others! Thanks to everyone who's sent in stuff already!

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Anonymous said...

Would Father's high heels be OK for a Halloweenie costumie?!?!?!
Just a thought!