Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I can definitely think of times when a secret room would come in very handy. Maybe I'll make one!

Coming up this weekend: seasonal festivities like the annual Pumpkin Festival in Circleville, along with non-season activities like the International World Rock Paper Scissors Championship in Toronto. You can even check out the current league champions. Go scissors!

Tis the season for both superstitions and the World Series, and of course there's a link. Baseball players are crazy superstitious. Or they suffer from OCD. Or both. (I am sort of torn on the World Series. I think I'm pulling for the White Sox, if only to have a Red Sox/White Sox back to back World Series championship occurrence that will probably signify the coming of the apocalypse.)

Great reading: Esoterica, the Journal. Hey Mr. Graveworm, check this out.

Fun random link of the day: create your own giallo! Or rather, have a giallo randomly created for you. The plot of mine: "A man is butchered. A blind student is mistaken for somone else by the perpetrator of the the crime, and after discovering an old painting, she must prove herself innocent, even though the detective may be involved in the crime." Whoa.

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