Monday, October 31, 2005

Man, going to a conference - even a very cool one like Internet Librarian - really wreaks havoc with posting good Halloween links. Here it is Halloween already and no time to write anything! I also missed the local horror festival. Dang.

(Incidentally, the photos from last week are up - click on the Flickr badge to see them.)

AMC finishes its Monsterfest marathon tonight, and their site has various games and other fun ways to occupy your time if you get bored - or too scared - to watch.

Glenna warns that the Landover Baptists are on the scene, hunting wiccans and doing their doggone best to stop Halloween. (It's not serious, don't worry.) In a similar vein, the Onion tells us to watch out for Homeland Security officers searching trick-or-treat bags.

Fun spooky art for the holiday: Deviant Art, of course, and also Dan Henderson's Tyranny of Confection.

And for those of us who went to school in Athens, home of an amazing Halloween celebration, there's a documentary entitled "Athens Asylum" all about the Ridges. Oooo.

Have a great Halloween, everyone! See you tomorrow.

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