Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday! We'll be gone all next week - I may post next Friday, depending on jet lag and the like. On to the links from others!

From Danny: the progress of someone building the Lego version of the Star Wars destroyer. We have something very similar to this that we haven't built yet. We may be using this as a cheat sheet in the future!

Also from Danny: "Academia Embraces Spooky Studies." Woo!

From Glenna: Breast Cancer Action, for people who are more activist-oriented, I suppose.

Bootsy Collins, funkmaster extraordinaire and native Cincinnatian, has recorded two songs cheering on the Bengals. Truth is stranger than fiction...

Survivor Toyland: full of drama, injuries, and action figures in compromising poses.

Happy 40th birthday to the Slurpee! Did you know that the man who first created the Slurpee was a convenience store owner named Omar Knedlik? Sounds like something out of the Simpsons.

Have a spiffy weekend and week, everyone! See you next week, or maybe the Monday after that.

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