Thursday, October 13, 2005

First off, apologies to Dr. Matt for forgetting to post about National Coming Out Day on Tuesday. Here's hoping it was a good day for everyone!

News from the Obvious Department: classes are getting increasingly high-tech, and librarians aren't your typical shushing spinsters any more. (One of the librarians interviewed was Jessamyn of, who's going to be among the presenters at Internet Librarian. This is exciting!)

Google now has a feed reader, which I haven't tried out yet (I am still loyal to Bloglines), but may be interesting for the future. Also, in other techy news, meebo is a web-based chat aggregator of sorts, which seems pretty cool and minimally invasive, and Common Times shows the news in a cool new way.

For the law librarians and personnel among us: The Graveworm is now hosting a page for random weirdness found in legal publishing. There's going to be some good stuff there soon - I got a preview yesterday!

And lastly, cookbooks for the literary-minded. I could get into those, I think.

Tomorrow: links from others!

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