Monday, October 03, 2005

Hi there. Welcome to the new redesigned Folderol, which has been a long time coming. There may be bugs in the system, and there are two important changes:

1) I'm trying out Blogger comments instead of HaloScan. If you don't like them, though, let me know and I'll switch back.
2) The RSS feed may have changed - check the XML graphic on the left if you think the subscription may have gotten wonky in the changeover.

If you like/hate/want to change something, let me know - like most Spooky Librarians pages, this is a work in progress!

Anyway. On to the links!

Lego figures are always wonderful. Lego figures portraying an opening night at a modern art exhibition are absolutely fantastic. Be sure to check out the Warhol offering, and also the shark tank!

It's October, and officially Halloween season. GoreyDetails features all things Gorey, plus those great haunted portraits and more! The Society for Art of Imagination is not solely composed of spooky art, but the fantasy angle can definitely veer in that direction. Meanwhile, a huge collection of literary figures, as portrayed by various artists, will take up some hours of your time. (In keeping with the spooky angle, Lovecraft and Poe are among the authors.)

And lastly, art made fun: water sculpture (oooh, ahhh) and balloon lamps (wow!).


Anonymous said...

Great new design!

I've been nosing for bugs this morning but it appears your page is blissfully free of any...something I canb't say about the 3-Bean Salad sitting in the employee breakroom.

honk honk

Anonymous said...

Ah! The new design is very clean and adds a feel of extra credibility :) LOVE the LEGO art openings... Fun seeing the Lobster phone, as we just saw it in London :)

Jinnet said...

Thanks guys! We are all about (the appearance of) credibility here at Folderol HQ. ;)

Flickr is down this morning; once it's back up and running there will be a "photo badge" showing recent pix in the top left corner.

Dawn said...

Newsgator seems to think your news feed remains the same. Let me know how Blogger comments work for you. I might make that same switch :)

Anonymous said...

I can only agree, definitely nice :-)

(Nitpick: Minor issue with the width of the hover font on the links which makes the text jump :-))

The rss feed looks like it still works BTW

Anyway, congrats on the new layout (now you've got me wondering whether this was some folderol-anniversary of some kind :-))

Jinnet said...

I think the RSS feed did stay the same, somewhat inexplicably (although I'm not complaining!). And thanks for all the feedback! There's no real anniversary to commemorate (except that I started thinking about doing this on Folderol's 5th birthday...which was back in April. Oops.)