Thursday, October 06, 2005

So I was wondering why every other news story this week seems to be about bird flu and flu shots and the influenza epidemic of 1918 and the any-moment-now bird flu pandemic which will wipe out a few million...and it turns out that it's Pandemic Flu Awareness Week. Well, there you go.

Bunny has a new office (with a door! Ooo! Ahh!) and is looking for some good posters. I suggested Neil Gaiman's ALA poster because Bunny has been known to stand in that same position (with that same "yes? can I help you?" expression) while wearing a leather jacket. Any other ideas? His library is mostly full of hard science and death-related books, so the Muppets or Stellaluna don't really fit in too well.

Some libraries let you check out bicycles now. How cool is that?

In response to Google Print (or it may be a coincidence, but I doubt it), the Open Content Alliance has sprung into being. The future of information is going to be verrrry interesting.

Some browsing fun: Leaf through Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks! Explore the seedy world of mid-century Canadian pulp fiction! Study the plethora of weblogs authored by and for law professors!

Tomorrow: links from others. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bunny should have a phrenologist's head in his new office!! I would LOVE to have one in mine.

Transformers would be cewl as well. I have a ton of them in my home office (which I finally finished painting).

Another fun idea would be have pictures of shiny, happy people holding hands (Yes, Jeanne, I am doing my Michael Stipe dance in my head as I am writing this!). And flowers and other sugary things. Sorry, bleh! Nevermind.