Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We begin today's Folderol with Bunny's touching poetic tribute to Nipsey Russell.

There once was a man named Nipsey
Whose jokes made him seem rather "tipsy"
He contracted the "C"
Found it difficult to "P"
He's now underground in Poughkeepsie!

(Bunny could not believe I didn't mention Nipsey's death yesterday. Consider it remedied.)

Today is Dine for America Day. Go to a restaurant and help out hurricane victims. It's a win-win situation!

It's October, which means that a whole slew of horror-related weblogs are celebrating in style. Dark, But Shining points out several great sites to check out this month.

News of the Weird: there is now a patron saint of Russian nuclear long-distance bombers. Be sure to construct a small shrine to Saint Fyodor in your underground bunker.

The Airplane Book shows you - in brilliant 1970s color - how much fun air travel is. Wheeeee! If you'd rather be under the ground than above it, check out Gallerisation Underground for some incredible map paintings. And if it's maps you like, Adrian Leskiw's Fictional Road Maps make for great studying.

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