Thursday, October 09, 2008

Yesterday I was at a funeral. Tomorrow I leave for a few days for a wedding. All of this wreaks havoc with the posting schedule! Today we have a mishmash of library-related items and links from others; I'll be back on Tuesday with a similar combination.

Stephen Colbert cottons on to what some have known for ages: librarians are secret agents of Communism, what with our socialized lending of goods and all. Sneaky, eh?

From Cassandra, a link for librarians: Hein Online has a weblog, by the way. They're on Facebook, too!

Also from Cassandra: CEOs may want to watch their backs during this economic crisis. Also, due to a lack of pine cones, squirrels in Russia have gone bonkers and attacked a dog. (I have several questions about this. Squirrels eat pine cones? There's a pine cone shortage? WTF is going on in Russia?)

From Holly: Perhaps the squirrels are exacting revenge for Twirl-a-Squirrel. I'm very tempted to try this for our bird feeder, but I'm afraid of what our squirrels would do.

Found at the last minute: this may be the coolest library in the universe.

Back on Tuesday! See you then.

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