Thursday, October 30, 2008

Even the ALA is asking Congress for stimulus money these days. Weird times, these are.

It's also almost Halloween, and almost election time, and this means useful political and spooky info from librarians! From LII, I found the PBS kids' page on Halloween. For the adults, PBS is partnering with YouTube in the "Video Your Vote" project, in which you actually film your voting process (state law permitting). This is a very cool idea, and theoretically a way to prevent election fraud!

Britannica brings back its "haunted library" series for another year. I am disappointed to report that I haven't been in any of the libraries on the Ohio or Kentucky list.

Twitter has an election-based page, where you can sit and marvel at everyone pontificating in real time (it can get a little surreal).

And finally, in the midst of ever-bleaker economic news, here's an unexpected ray of sunshine: law librarians are still appreciated, at least in California. (This article does a great job of explaining why no, not everything is online, and no, shrinking the library does not really help anyone in the long run.)

Tomorrow: spooky links from others! Thanks, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

One haunted library overlooked by the article is the Cincinnati Law Library Association. It used to be the jail. It is documented that some prisoners, overwrought with despair, succumbed to suicide.

Truly, there are a few nooks in the library that inspire chills. The Spooky Librarians need to explore this local haunt.