Friday, October 03, 2008

Links from others on this Friday. Thanks, everyone!

From Bunny: women who live as though it's a bygone era. I thought this was a joke, but apparently it's real. Wow.

From Holly: Statler and Waldorf discuss political debates. Make this a regular feature, NYT!

From Dawnowar: Are you tone deaf? I haven't taken this yet, or else I would report my findings.

From the Sparkle Queen: Things That Make Us [Sic], a new book by Martha Brockenbrough, is right up my alley. Down my alley. Something like that, anyway. Go read it!

From Cassandra: the most terrifying thing I've seen in the past few weeks, and that's including interviews with Sarah Palin and the financial meltdown. Also from Cassandra: possible snow on Mars, the mystery of the stranded beaked whales, vacations in which you can help the advance of science, and the wackiness that is this area during Halloween (even the crimes are in costume).

And a final link from Cassandra -- happy Lesbian & Gay History Month, everyone! Have a spiffy weekend. See you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. The article about timewarp wives was bizarre. I guess if it feels good do it

This made me laugh though:

Feel good: Debbie's lifestyle makes her feel 'as if I’m living in
one of those old-fashioned TV shows where everything is always wonderful.

Well, drugs do the same thing, Debbie, without all the work.

Hmmm…I want a feature on futuristic wives, that could be fun! One family could live life as if they were barely surviving in a dystopia (oh, wait a minute, that wouldn’t be much of a stretch) Another family could live like the Jetsons, and, yet another could be one of those futuristic scifi stories were women dominate and the few men left are used to impregnate the women and work the fields. (haha!)