Tuesday, October 07, 2008

We start today's steampunk entry with a link from Dan (many thanks, Dan!) who points out that even if others are sick of steampunk, Neil Gaiman still thinks it's great. So there. In a related story, John Norris of MTV discovers that you can be vegan and still wear steampunky attire.

Artists to check out: Keith Thompson, who creates gorgeous gadgetesque images, and Marque Cornblatt, who creates all sorts of fantastic things -- here's a video of his steampunk kinetic sculptures from the 1990s.

Flickr user Nicrosin has fashioned an anachronistic bluetooth headset! Sadly, it doesn't work. Yet, anyway.

Attention, Chicagoans! Check out the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry! It's going on until March, so you have time.

You also have time to plan your trip to Melbourne, Australia, in order to celebrate Euchronia on New Year's Eve. Best to start plans now, though.

And finally...TagGalaxy is a way to search Flickr, but in such an interesting way that it reminds me of Edward from Cowboy Bebop searching the internet.

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