Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cassandra sent me a story about a college librarian who was shot and killed in Texas. Turns out that it was a part-time worker in the library who did the shooting. Yikes.

More cheerful stuff: here's a slideshow of books to read to kids in times of financial crisis! Many of you who grew up during the '70s will remember these. Maybe we're more prepared than we think.

Similarly reassuring is the realization that sometimes geniuses don't start out as prodigies. We can still become renowned! It's not too late!

In Calcutta, the "neighborhood of books" is often filled with sheep and threatened with shutdowns, but perseveres.

A work-related link, for those of us asked to print articles and whatnot for people: Print What You Like lets you customize print jobs from webpages! Brilliant!

And finally, exercise your brain by trying to stump Akinator, who will guess any real or fictional person you imagine. I stumped him with Ofra Haza, but only barely -- she was in his almost-guessed list! (I tried Boy George next and he got it right away.)

Tomorrow: links from others, and lots of them, too. Stay tuned.

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