Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Steampunk Convention is almost here! I've been on the west coast around this time of year recently, but will not be there this time, so will miss the convention. Sniff. However, J. Daniel Sawyer is convention-bound, and is getting himself up to speed with steampunk-themed films. Similarly, you can study up on literature with this extremely useful guide to a steampunk scholar's library!

Since I'm not in California, this means I'm at home, and am actually going to a meetup of the Cincinnati-area steampunks this Friday. It's true! Stop by and say hi! (Cassandra's response to this news: "You mean you're not the only one in this city?" Pbbt.) If you're planning something similar, there are lovely steampunk invite cards available on etsy now.

If you'd like a time machine -- and who wouldn't? -- you have until November 1st to enter the contest at Solaris Books. (It says in the fine print that the time machine doesn't work, but I bet some lithium or plutonium or other element would fix that right up.)

Speaking of etsy, Curious Oddities not only has a shop set up there, but a weblog for similarly themed discoveries!

And finally, Rideable Bicycle Replicas look like great fun. Someone, of course, needs to construct a steampunky bike helmet now.

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