Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's Banned Book Week! The L.A. Times and NPR weigh in on the concept.

For reading banned (or even mildly controversial) books, a burning bookmark makes a good accessory. (Thanks, Dawnowar!)

In other library-related news, the Librarians' Internet Index has merged with the Internet Public Library. Hooray! Also, I discovered that Public has a fantastic set of assorted state codes, for those of you who are occasionally asked for those sorts of things.

The people at Google Labs have cooked up another interesting site for the election: InQuotes, where you can compare the candidates' soundbites on various topics. LLRX has a great roundup of fact-checking websites, and the 24 finalists for "Get Out the Vote" posters make interesting viewing.

A bit of history to end the entry: the Model T turned 100 yesterday, and there's a Flickr group dedicated to photographs of America before 1962 - in color!

Tomorrow: links from others. See you then.

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