Monday, October 20, 2008

Today we dance about architecture. Or something like that, since it's Monday.

Architecture: Plans are underway for a building in Dubai that's to be one kilometer tall. Yes. One kilometer. Hopefully they're also looking into supersonic-speed elevators.

Crafts: Art festivals (and the artists participating in them) are yet another victim of the tanking economy.

Music: are there groups that appeal to only men? Or only women? And what does Sparks have to do with any of this? (I am posting this mainly for Cassandra, who gets livid at these sorts of articles.)

Photography: the Flickr Commons has its first Canadian participant with photos from the Musée McCord Museum.

Sculpture-like art: The delicate and mind-boggling art of papercutting has its own weblog.

Spooky art bits: The new art gallery Centquatre just opened in Paris, in a building which used to be a massive and elegant funeral parlor. How cool! Also, for the season: Tim Burton's Vincent is on YouTube, and the related videos of Poe's Raven make for lovely watching, too.


Anonymous said...

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


Well, maybe the author of music article surrounds himself/herself? with stupid women or retarded men? Could that be it? I think so.

First of all, I do not even know where to begin! I LOVE Neil Young. I've seen him in concert 6 TIMES! I have ALL HIS CDS and I tend to "collect all others like it."

And, every time I have seen Neil in concert, I have been surrounded by women singing along with him, enraptured. So, for every stupid example he has, I have a counterexample.

Bugs Bunny articulates it best, "What a maroon!"

The following quote disembowels me and strangles me with my intestines!

A female photographers’ agent and former music-biz press officer, asked to offer single-phrase comments on a range of artists including Neil Young (“whiny”), the Fall (“miserable northern gits”) and Led Zeppelin (“hahaha”), confessed to anxiety that she was being tested on her musical credibility, sighing: “I was nervous because they all sounded like ones ou’re ‘supposed’ to like and I feel slightly guilty about not liking. It’s also, I think, that most women respond to music from a different place to a lot of men. Women mostly think, ‘Oh, I love this song!’ There’s no corresponding urge to collect all others like it and arrange them into alphabetical order.”

Bill Herald said...


So, the writer of the music article might as well have been asking, "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"

Here goes: Because if she were (if she did like manly music) she would be rejected by men as well as other women. She is smart enough to know that men really do not wish her to be more like them, and women will spurn her if she is too masculine.

Never underestimate the power of social forces!!!!

Social Darwinism with its biological atavism is so 1930s.

P.S. I should never bring my laptop into class with me. I'm going to fail! (teehee) I think.