Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween is almost here! The links are pouring in. Many of these are from Cassandra, to whom I am eternally grateful.

The Evil Mad Scientists have so many incredible Halloween-themed projects that they made a dedicated page for all of them. Some are mechanical, and some are edible! Another edible find is this idea for gingerbread skeletons.

Horror-themed fonts make for great labels and invitations and whatnot.

If you are not reading the Paranormal Pastor, you should be!

Has anyone seen A Haunting on the Discovery Channel? Is it any good?

Apparently, the Jersey Devil has gotten tired of Jersey and is moving west. Meanwhile, graverobbers are making a comeback in San Francisco, only this time with an eye for copper instead of bodies. Here in the midwest, our local paper has a section on spooky happenings in northern Kentucky. Get Cassandra to tell you her stories of Bobby Mackey's some day!

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Darren Chase said...

have you seen - or rather heard - this:

spooky space sounds for spooky librarians ;)