Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today has been the sort of day where I could really use a raygun.

Alternatively, I could use a time travel machine. This t-shirt is the next best thing. In related happy fun items, these blocks for a budding mad scientist are perfect holiday gifts, I think! (Friends with urchins, consider this your warning. Mwahaha.)

Yet another Steampunks for Obama button has surfaced. It's not too late to get your own!

You may not have a beautifully antiqued laptop, but now you can add a small dash of steampunk to a regular computer with these neato USB drives.

Since my interest in steampunk overlaps with futurism and transhumanism, the concept of body mods and extended life intrigues me. So the story of a 123-year-old cornea which still functions has all sorts of possibilties!

Did you know there's a Visual Steampunk show going on at the American Primitive Gallery in New York City? You do now.

Not steampunk, but just silly fun: Laura Ingalls Wilder, twittering away.

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