Thursday, October 23, 2008

This week's library-related shirt: Be a bibliophibian!

More interesting library news: the New York Public Library is getting a redesign, and you can now order The Hollywood Librarian for your own personal collection.

Meanwhile, Funny or Die has reworked Tears for Fears' library-themed "Head Over Heels" video. There are subtitles, so even people who need to be quiet can watch the fun!

What if Google breaks and its digital book collection goes missing? Not to worry -- a backup digital library is in the works, thanks to the universities.

If I knew that there was a systematic effort to get poems on the London Underground, I forgot, and am happy to be reminded. Slightly related is this analysis of what to drink while reading. Field tests need to be conducted!

Tomorrow: links from others, because it will be Friday, and that will be good.

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