Thursday, August 23, 2007

This week is all about new exciting library developments! Well, mostly.

New websites: Carl Malamud is arguing that case law should be freely accessible to all. As a result, he's begun a free database of cases that start in 1880 and will go forward, evidently. (The site is given in the article; I went there this morning and it was a work in progress, but it only began on Sunday.)

Another new development: Freebase, which is Wikipedia-like but intends to only use open source and Creative Commons material. It's brand new and looking for volunteers!

A new people search engine (well, new to me, anyway): Pipl. It finds all sorts of interesting things for people. I found Bunny's email address from ten years ago (it doesn't work anymore, for the record).

The Reader Advisor's Online Blog is a great starting point for finding new material to read. (I also subscribe to Bookmarks Magazine, which I highly recommend.)

The Alaska State Library has a neat idea on how to use a weblog: they're putting up unidentified photos and asking the public if they recognize the people and places.

For the law librarians: finding information about expert witnesses just got a lot easier with this resource guide. Nice.

And finally, did you know that Sunday is Women's Equality Day? It is! Celebrate!

Tomorrow: links from others!

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